June is the Salmon Season in Alaska. . . Mark's dad, Bill, heads up just about every year to test his fly fishing skills on the giant "King" salmon in the Kenai region just south-west of Anchorage. In 1997 Mark went on his first salmon fly fishing trip and got totally hooked. In the year 2000, Courtney along with her Dad -Chris, joined Mark, Bill, our Nephew-Aubert and some other friends of Bill's for another action packed fishing trip. This time with the added dynamic of a women in the group. It's funny how we managed to eat better (fresh shashimi and grill a few nights), clean up our conversations a bit and actually have even more fun!. This year, Courtney couldn't make it due to work obligations, and Mark, Aubert, Bill and his neighbor Jim, managed another 9 day trip with lot's of great fishing in both the Russian River for Sockeye -"reds", and the Kasilof for Kings. Every came home with coolers stuffed full fresh salmon fellets.