Windsurfing is one of our favorite sports and we are on the water every chance we can get. The San Francisco Bay Area is one of the Mecca's for windsurfing and we tend to sail at 3rd Avenue just above the San Mateo Bridge under the flight path to the SF Airport. On occasion we visit Rio Vista (Sherman Island) on the Delta, Chrissy Field in SF -just east of the Golden Gate Bridge, and Mark is just starting to develop his wave riding skills at Waddell Creek -just north of Santa Cruz. For vacations we head for warm waters with Margarita Island our primary choice -an hour flight off the coast of Venezuela. On occasion we've visited Baja, Mexico, Maui's North Shore, Caberete, Dominican Republic and "the Columbia River Gorge".

It's a wonderful sport with a very difficult/challenging learning curve. And for those of us that love gear, it's awesome. There's more "stuff" than you can imagine.