In the fall of 1997 we took leaves from our fast paced careers in Silicon Valley to gain an entirely different experience - We traveled overland through SE Asia, Central Asia and the Indian subcontinent living with locals whenever possible. Now, as we near the end of 2001, it seems an ideal time to again shift gears, toss a few things in our packs, and go exploring. Our new journey will begin in South America and finish in Africa and Turkey. We plan to spend about 7 months down south exploring and trying to become conversant in Spanish. Then, after a brief stop at home, we will go to Africa, Egypt and Turkey for another 5 months or so. We may even visit a romantic island in Greece or a few cities in Europe to rendezvous with our parents on our way home.

Our goals for these excursions have always been to experience as much of the local culture and adventure as possible. Usually we have no idea of exactly what this means when we set out!. What we do know is that for a year or more, we will have that precious resource of time to create our own unique learning experience and make whatever we can or want from our adventure.

On these journeys we also experience being together for very long periods of time. This is a unique opportunity for us. One that most couples may never experience in their lifetimes together. To be able to continuously provide the support that each other needs through the range of experiences and emotions that one encounters certainly can be a challenge. What this really means is being together though times that are good, bad, comfortable, miserable, romantic and possibly even scary. Based on our past experiences, we pretty much hit the whole range of emotions. The last trip we spent 24 hours a day together for nearly 15 months (I think we were apart for 2 hours once) and who's to say how long we'll last on this next adventure?

We hope you enjoy our photos!